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I decided it might be fun to have an instructable dedicated to the items I've made using those I follow, favorite and patch on instructables!  I'll keep updating this as I post and I will do my best to remember to post photos on your instructable as well. :)

In the past I had made a couple photo instructables showing what I created, which is fine and great, but I thought just the other day wouldn't it be easier to have one you updated....the answer was a big old DUH!! 

So keep your eyes pealed and if you think you have an instructable I just have to try out for my students or something you think PoofRabbit would just love leave me a message here and I'll see if I can give it a try!

Last Update: 8-25-13

Step 1: Optimus Prime Costume Using Dannyeurena's Instructable

I had been haunting instructables for a while when I saw dannyeurena's Optimus Prime Costume.  I thought it was one of the coolest things I'd ever seen!  I work for a children's summer camp and we have a Halloween dance every summer.  I had to give it  a try!  While not nearly as awesome as dannyeurena's his instructions made it easy for me to follow and make modifications to get it created in my short time frame.  Love this instructable!

Step 2: Bowser Marionette Using Book-worm's Instructable

A while back I found book-worm's instructable on making a Dry Bones Marionette and I was in love.  I not only made my own dry bones, but I also used book-worm's basic instructions to create my own Bowser marionette!

Step 3: Old Film Strip Upcycled Into a Film Gift Bow Based on TCGames's Instructable

Old Film Strip Upcycled into a Film Gift Bow is an idea I came up with after seeing TCGames' Instructable How to make a paper Gift Bow (Ribbon)!

While I used diffrent material in my bow, it was inspired by TCGames' so it completely fits the hey I made it using your instructable category. :)

Step 4: My Paper People Using Bitsi's Instructable

When looking at recent adds to instructables I came across Paper People by Bitsi.  I just plain loved the idea and started to play around with it to bring her awesome paper people into my classroom. 

Here you can see my fiddles, Medusa, Batman, a Minotaur, and Atlas.  I'm still playing with this great idea and I will share more pictures here of what I come up with (as well as on Bitsi instructable).

I did wind up giving Batman a cape, and I have attached a few photos so you can see how I embellished the template.  I encourage you to check out Bitsi's instructable, it's really fantastic!

Step 5: Awesome Polygonal Mask Using Hkosak's Instructable

One day when checking out the recent posts, I found Awesome Polygonal Mask by hkosak.  Love the idea of folding paper to create this basic mask form.  I downloaded the file and printed it out on card stock and went to town!

Love the possibilities this now open ups and plan to play with the idea to see what else I can create!



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    5 years ago

    Yersh like another I made it with your instructables

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I could, but currently I'm just updating this one. When it gets to like 10-15ish I'll do a second :)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I also agree ;-) That down fall is if course that you have to check back to see what I made but maybe I'll do one once a year, like I made this using your instructable 2012, this of course spans from my first year to now. I kick myself I didn't take more pictures, honestly I've made a ton of peoples stuff, but I have given them away. It's now my goal to make and photograph so I can share with those who created that I did make their instructable and they plain rock!


    That is my hope, it also helps me to remember to take pictures of things I've made using others instructables! :)