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Introduction: I Santa Robot

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Hi guys Merry Christmas to you all from me and Santa Robot.
This Greeting Card is made on Photoshop and I have shown here the method as to how it is done.

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Step 1: Original Robot

Copy the original Robot from your web page.
Right Click on the Robot and click on copy Image.
Paste the Image on a New Page in Photoshop.
The New Page should have an area of 7 inches by 5 Inches with 300 pixel.
All the steps of the Image should be added in Layers.
Those who are well versed in Photoshop should know what I am talking about.

Step 2: The Spare Parts

In this step you can see how all the layers of the Robot Image.
Each parts of the Image is copied and manipulated in a different layer.
We will discuss all the layers Step by Step.

Step 3: The Red Coat

In this picture you can see that the yellow coat has been colored Red and the face has been cut and pasted in another layer for further use but the ear phone is not touched.

Step 4: Buttons

In this step the  buttons and the letter box opening have been added.

Step 5: Toy Sack

The toy sack has been drawn on to the shoulder of the Robot, and the right hand has been cut and rotated to the new position.

Step 6: The Face

In this layer the face, beards, hair, cap has been added keeping the eyes and mouth original.

Step 7: The Background

A Gradient of blue shades has been added to the Background.

Step 8: Border

A thin Border has been added to the Picture as a picture Frame.

Step 9: Fonts

The picture is complete and now Fonts are added in Six layers to it to send my message.
Each Style and line of Fonts with different colors are added in each layer.

So Folks MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family from Dipankar.................................

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