I-Sight: an Experimental K'Nerf IPod Holder With Sight

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It's finally Spring, and you're all set for your next Nerf War! You're so excited to get out there and have some foam-dart fun, and you can't wait to record all of it!

But, there's one problem: Your GoPro (or other camera) is broken and you now have to use your iPod instead!!! Whatever shall you do?

Never fear! Today, I'll be showing you how to build your very own I-Sight:An iPod touch holder that allows you to record the battle AND have a sight at the same time!

You may ask, "Why don't I just buy the Nerf tactical rail mount?" Well, then not only would you be spending $14, but you would also miss out on the sight that is built in! Yes, there is a sight built into this holder!

So what are you waiting for? You only have a little while before the Nerf War, so you better get started!

Special thanks to Nerfrocketeer for coming up with the K'nex Tac-Rail.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage that may occur to your device by building and/or using the I-Sight. This is an experimental build.

Note: This is my first ever K'Nerf attachment/sight/holder. This is just something I made while I was sick, but I do believe it is of high quality. Remember to comment and follow the image notes while building! This is built to hold an iPod 5, but you should easily be able to modify it.


Step 1: Piece Count

You can't build this without the pieces, can you? Here's what you'll need:

Classic Parts:

White Connectors: 4

Yellow Connectors: 4

Red Connectors: 8

White Rods: 12

Green Rods: 4

Blue Rods: 8

Micro Parts:

Purple Rods: 5

Black Rods: 14

Yellow Rods: 1

Yellow Connectors: 16

Red Connectors: 3

Green Connectors: 2

Purple Connectors: 2

Blue Connectors (Metallic ones with the large hole): 2

Tan Y-Clip: 1

Red Classic-to-Micro Rods: 4

Grand Total: 517 Pieces

Now, it's time to start building!

Step 2: K'nex Tac-Rail and Sight

First, you'll build the K'nex Tac-Rail, which was created by Nerfrocketeer. You'll also build the sight. Please note that this is my first sight, so it may be too small or a bit different than what most builders use. Remember to comment if something isn't clear, and to follow the image notes!

Step 3: The Rail Guard

Next, you'll build the guard that prevents the K'nex Tac-Rail from sliding off of the Nerf gun. I apologize for the last picture; my camera didn't upload the picture I wanted. I hope everything is clear enough. Keep going!

Step 4: The Connecting Clips

Now, you'll build the clips that connect the actual holder to the Tac-Rail. This is a fairly simple step. Remember to comment if something isn't clear! Onto the next step!

Step 5: The IPod Holder

Now, you'll build the iPod holder. Note that this is made up of classic K'nex, and that you need to make 2 halves in total. You're almost done!

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Finally, you'll attach the iPod holder to the Tac-Rail. You're done! The next step contains some important information about the I-Sight.

Step 7: Some Final Notes

There are 2 ways to insert your iPod into the I-Sight. You could remove the blue rods that prevent it from falling out and put it in through there, or you could slide it in through the top. Either way, your iPod should rest on the white rods. It may take some adjusting to get it on there right, so take your time. This is designed not to work with a case, but you can modify it if you wish to.

The rail guard should go all the way to a point that is sturdy on your blaster. On most blasters, that would be the end of the tactical rail. Since my primary blaster is the Slingfire, my rail guard has to come all the way out to the location in the picture. You can change it to fit your needs.

Step 8: Congratulations!

Congratulations! You've just finished your very own I-Sight! Now, go enjoy that Nerf War and get some great footage!

If you built it, post a picture in the comments and I'll add it to this step. Thanks for reading/building!




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    16 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I'm definitely loving this! Great work! I might try building this myself sometime! Thanks for the mention!

    1 reply

    Thanks! This should be easily modifiable, so you can trying making it for Android devices. I prefer Apple.


    4 years ago

    I like this a lot, the only way I could think of improving it is to be able to have a case on your device while mounted.

    1 reply

    Thank you! This should be easily modifiable, so you can try to expand the width. I decided to build mine without the case.

    You could do that too; this is designed to hold an iPod you can do whatever you like with your device once it's in there.

    Thanks! I made this with my iPod 5. You can modify it, and I think it should work fine. I can look into it, and I could PM you a picture of I get the chance.