'I Used to Be a Washing Machine' - 3 Chairs Made of One Washer Parts.





Introduction: 'I Used to Be a Washing Machine' - 3 Chairs Made of One Washer Parts.



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    very nice! i will build chairs like these, if i will ever have enough space for them :)

    Cool way to recycle

    I was thinking about making one but the video doesn’t help as much as the pictures but I finally made it!!

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    Wow! please Send some photos, I would love to see it!
    Hope the instructions info helped...

    The video is amazing, and the idea, brilliant. How are the resulting chairs in terms of comfort? And I have to mention, too, that I'm impressed with how clean everything is--usually, there's a lot of grease and such in the works of such beasts. Was it hard to clean up?

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    the machine was only five years old so it wasn't so dirty, the parts that had some limescale I cleaned very easily, and the yellowed plastic and enamel is very easy to clean with polish paste :)

    And love the video, you're so dedicated to this 'ible! :D

    I follow!

    wow, bet it took longer to make the video than the chair...awesome

    I like the idea it is a nice retro style chair, and mostly, i love the model she is so beatiful :)

    I dont know what I DIG more, the furniture....., or the video!!!!!

    **coin flip**
    VIDEO it is!!! (thumbs up)

    What... you didn't use the electric motor to make a massage chair???

    (Just giving you a hard time!)

    Really great... and as a fellow YouTuber... the video alone is AWESOME!

    Two thumbs up!