I Am the Robot! (Sketchbook Pro 6)

Introduction: I Am the Robot! (Sketchbook Pro 6)

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  Hello out there! I designed a hoodie for the "Dream it, Draw it, Wear it" contest because i couldn't go without showing this. I was thinking about some great designs and this one popped into my head and "The Robot Hoodie" was born. I decided to give this one a different kind of direction. I used screen shots  that have been edited with heavy red markings to explain how I made this. 

The Concept: To give a hoodie a design that allows a person to look like a robot. Using buttons, switchs, antennas on the head, etc... All of this would be screen printed not making this a very expensive garment to make.

The Design:

  If you look at each picture I numbered the steps to try to keep from writing a novel again. I myself, learn better by just doing it and seeing how everything is laid out.  So I tried to do this here. Now as you advance in steps the numbers disappear (after we finish making the outline of the hoodie). Ok here what you need for this!

Items needed:

Imagination - you got it, let's see it!
Wacom tablet or another brand of the sort
Sketchbook Pro 6 (demo or full version)
Paper and pencil - if you prefer to get an idea prior to using the computer (I can't lie, I do it all the time)

Here we go!!!!!

Step 1: Building the Frame of the Robot

  I tried to simplify the steps as much as i could. I will be using the pencil tool thruoghout this sketch of the body. It's set to be kind of light but not too light that it's hard too see. We'll be using heavier pencil later on in the instrucable. If you need a intro to locations of some of the tools I use, look at the Schematic Pants instructable that I drew and review step 4, that gives you a look at where the tools are. It will be up to you to get out there and start tinkering with them. Go ahead and give it a try!

Step 2: Heads, Arms, and Body!

  Now that you have a basic shape it's seems a little more real now. ;)

Step 3: I Like Using Red!

Final pieces are being placed on the hoodie. Soon it will be time to put in the details and create a LiViNg RoBoT!!!!

Step 4: It's FINISHED (outline That Is)

The Hoodie is complete, now all there is to design it. I drew everything out on paper first and then I decided what would stay and would go. I needed the robot cool, not dorky.

Step 5: We Have a Back Now We Need Some Style!

Here we go! We've reached our final step before you complete your masterpiece! Hopefully this instructable layout wasn't too hard to follow. :(

Step 6: Thank You Sooo Much for Looking!

I hope this helps someone out there and if there is any problems please let me know. Any suggestions would greatly apprieciative also!
Happy Drawing!

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    7 years ago

    You totally should! I think this is SO much cooler than the plain Insructables t-shirt. They should make it the standard instrucatbles attire!! Who wouldn't want to be the instructables robot!?! :)


    7 years ago

    AWESOME!!!!!! Two thumbs up! You should win just because its the instructables robot!! I would Totally wear it!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! The Instructables Robot was definitely my inspiration for this. Even if i dont win i might actually try to do this.