I Broke Your Cell Phone! Aprils Fools!!

Introduction: I Broke Your Cell Phone! Aprils Fools!!

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Have you ever wanted to just take someone's cell phone and smash it or throw it into traffic?   Well, now you can.

 The idea is this:

On April 1st, ask to borrow someones iphone.  Then quickly  switch the real phone with this  wooden  one.   Then in a real angry voice,"I hate these things" and smash the wood one against a desk or throw against a wall or step on it  or throw into the fire or throw into traffic or ...  You get the idea!

As long as the owner of the real phone is far enough away and you are quick enough, he should not recognize that it was not his phone.

Then you could hold it up, showing only the profile and say:," It is only bent a little".

Perhaps at this point, if the phone owner is getting a tad upset, you should return the original phone with a smile and a ,"Aprils Fool!"

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Step 1: Cut Piece of Wood

I used my real iphone to cut a piece of plywood to roughly the right size.

Step 2: Paint, Attach Face, Break

1. Spray paint  it a gloss black .

2. Find an image of the face  of an iphone, print it out, cut to size and glue to the wood

3. I made a couple of small cuts on the back to aid in breaking it.

4. Put in vice  and gently hit the wood until it breaks just enough to be obvious but not entirely detached.

5. ready to go

Step 3: Ready to Use

Other uses may be:

1. One time only, you could chuck into a nearby lake or out the window of a moving car.

2. My wife teaches at a high school where cell phone use can be  disruptive . She plans to use this to demonstrate how much she dislikes them during the class.  Hopefully she picks on a student with a sense of humor.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I think that if you hit an iPhone againist something and it breaks like that, the screen will become black or something. So, it looks more realistic if you make the screen look like broken too.