I Built This Bike Trailer




Introduction: I Built This Bike Trailer

I built this bike trailer out of an old jogging stroller.

Step 1: The Hitch Mechanism

Hitch mechanism made of 3/4" flat stock and a Quick Disconnect Type 3/8-24 Fine Standard Thread Ball Joint and Rod End. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002HAUWCM/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00

$18 with shipping

I made some teflon washers to go against the bracket and tightened the backnut against the joint to allow a little slack for y-axis movement of the arm beyond the ball joint movement.

Step 2:

I made the mounting bracket from a zinc plated strut pipe clamp- $0

Step 3: The Tray

The wheels and from were from a jogging stroller that had been decaying in the back yard. The box is a spare drawer from our kitchen remodel. $0

Step 4: Tubing

The tubing was from the jogger handle. -$0

 I used stainless deck screws to fasten the tubing to the tray.

Step 5: In Use

The trailer loaded with 5 bags of ice, 12 pack of soda, and some misc groceries.



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    17 Discussions

    Forgot to ask, what is the black bracket looking thing between the wheels? Is it part of the stroller wheels?

    1 reply

    Yes, I used the jog stroller axle and part of the frame. I need to take some pictures of the underside.

    How well does it track when turning? I see that it isn't rubbing the tire in the last image but what about while rolling?

    1 reply

    It tracks well. I was careful when I measured the mounting arm to make sure the trailer ended up centered behind the back tire. I've made some fairly tight turns without any rubbing.

    Great plan! I have a set of wheels like that, and some time on my hands....... I am going to make a similar cart for the back of my power wheel chair! That will help with shopping with the wife for sure! Thanks for the great idea! I like the hitch idea as well.

    Great project & nicely done! I need to build a trailer for myself too. I have a set of 20" bicycle trailer wheels, but I like the smaller jogging stroller wheels better.

    Here is another resource for parts like the ball joint:

    I found some on their that would have cost you less, but you have to watch out for their shipping. Some were made of Stainless Steel (& shielded), and they have one that doesn't need lubrication as well (won't squeak?). Maybe some upgrade possibilities?

    Love it, simple, easy to do by most with a bit of diy savvy!!! ;)

    Thanks, I found that hitch after scouring Google for a simple solution. If I can find the original source I'll try to add the credit.

    Your trailer project is very detailed! I found that hitch after scouring Google for a simple solution. If I can find the original source I'll try to add the credit.