I Can Make That "Top Entry Litterbox"




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I needed a new litter box to replace the two litter boxes that our cats were using. The cats would track litter all over the place and one cat overshot the litter box and made a mess on the floor. 

Experts recommend that you have one litter box per cat plus 1. For our 2 cat house that would be 3 litter boxes. Our house was built a long time ago, back when there was still 9 planets in the Solar System, and lead was an essential mineral. People were not as tall (or wide) as they are today and there is frankly not any room to put another litter box.

I went on Amazon to find some reviews on different litter boxes and came across the Clevercat top entry litter box. It seemed to offer everything we needed in a litter box except for dedicated wifi hotspot and twitter updates. But it is pricy with a $40 (USD) price tag it was way out of budget. 

Since it was still daylight I went to Wal-mart, and browsed the aisles looking for a suitable Serilite tote. I picked one out that I thought would be suitable.  I recommend measuring the space first and then getting a box based on those dimensions.
For $12 I found the perfect box.  It was big, it was clear and it was cheaper than 40 bucks. (Find a box with smooth bottom, not one with plastic reinforcements where litter will trap.)
I took it home and while my lovely wife complained for 40 minutes saying it won't work, its too big, and our cats are too fat to use it.

I cut a hole in the top for the cats to enter, sanded the edges down and drilled some vent holes.

The cats enjoy it, it holds about 30# of cat litter and takes the place of the other two boxes. There is far less litter to clean up and I can scoop the litter without spilling it everywhere.

Plus with the money I saved I can now afford to buy the Mountain Kittens Tee shirt I always wanted.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Brilliant! Going to save me alot of $$$. Oh and if you add nonslip cabinet liners to the covered part of the top, it will catch most of the litter when they jump out.

    Cheese Queen

    5 years ago on Introduction

    This would also keep the dog (who is not above snitching a "tootsie roll" every now and then) out of the box.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love it. I'm looking to move soon to a smaller place and this will be a great help! It may not work so well for older cats, who have trouble jumping in and out. You may be able to modify it for an older cat.