I Needed a Stand to Hold the Camcorder in the Classroom

Introduction: I Needed a Stand to Hold the Camcorder in the Classroom


During the school year can happen to be tired, and, sometimes, I forget to mark the homework at home, or to forget the lesson explained in class. To review the lesson at home I thought to record with camcorder. So I needed a stand to hold the camcorder in the classroom.

Step 1: List Equipment

List equipment needed:
4 screws 3mm diameter 8mm length
A metal bracket 200 mm to 60 mm
A metal bracket 40 mm to 40 mm
1 piece of plywood 8mm 80mm to 120 mm
1 piece of sheet lead
1 small piece of wood for the mark
300 mm metal wire 1 mm in diameter to built the mark
4 rubber feet
spray paint color you like
1 bolt with shirt

and of course the camcorder

Almost everything is recycled material, and I found in the box of waste of iron, of my father

Step 2: Lead on Wood

After cleaning from rust of the brackets, after smoothing the piece of wood, I got help from my father to bend the sheet lead around the piece of wood.

So I got hit this with a hammer and crushed fine, for this.
With a slight electric screwdriver I set the sheet of lead, and then I passed the sandpaper very well to remove any edge.

Step 3: Modify the Stirrup

Then bent the bracket longer to give it a nice shape, hit with a hammer. It was really tiring!
When I was satisfied, I asked my father to make a hole in the bracket for screwing it to the base, and I assembled the pieces. The other holes were already there, so I not had to do it.

Step 4: Painting the Pieces

With the spray I colored everything. In the shelf of paint, I found this dark blue
I also bought these four rubber feet, spending € 1.

Step 5: Finish This Project

I thought I'd make a small mark to put on my work. It is no use, but I think it's beautiful. With the wire I made a drawing that I liked.
Then my father have heated the wire with a gas stove, while I held it with pliers long. When it became hot enough, I have placed on this small rectangle of wood, drawing with the heat
Then I glued the small rectangle on my work

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with Kyle.In most cases I would say DIY>Store bought,but your stand just takes too much time and effort when you can buy a cheap tripod for $5.

    Lithium Rain
    Lithium Rain

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I would too, if I could get over the odd looks it'd earn me (so I settle for audio only).