I.B.S Flashlight How to Infnet Brightness Setting


Introduction: I.B.S Flashlight How to Infnet Brightness Setting

Useing a cheap maglite to make a expensive IBS flashlight. useing a potinchometer (pot) heat sink,p7 led and 2 d batterys



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    Made me look ... I have no idea what an "infnet" was!

    really bad idea. You have a really big risk of burning out everything if you run it too high too long. The driver and LED are made for a certain power, and the case for a certain heat capacity. Exceed any of those, and you and your flashlight are toast.

    Interesting, simple project, but please use a spell-checker. Remember that not everyone who views your instructable will speak English, and if they have to look up words to translate, they won't be about to find "useing" (using), "potinchometer" (potentiometer), "batterys" (batteries) or "infnet"/"infinet" (infinite) in a dictionary.

    First thing I think of is irritable bowel syndrome light. Its potentiometer too btw.