IC Based Simple 12V to 240V Inverter Using MOSFET & IC 4047




Introduction: IC Based Simple 12V to 240V Inverter Using MOSFET & IC 4047

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In this tutorial we will show you how to make simple IC based inverter circuit. You can watch the video which is embedded in this step for construction, parts list, circuit diagram & testing or you can continue reading the post for further details.

Step 1: Parts List


2*Heat Sink with Screw

2*100 Ohm 1*CD4047 or HCF4047

1*14 Pin IC Holder (i am using 16 Pin IC holder)

1*0.1uF Ceramic Capacitor

1*47k Ohm

1*1.2k Ohm


1*2 & 3 Pin Terminal Block

1*240v to 12-0-12v Transformer

1*Bulb Holder


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Step 2: Circuit Diagram & Other Details

For construction of this project we are using 4047 IC which is an lower power mono-stable/astable multi-vibrator. The circuit is assembled to be a astable multi-vibrator.

The frequency of the circuit is around 50Hz, (You can alter the frequency of the circuit by changing the value of C1 & R1)

The MOSFET's are connected in a push pull configuration which will switch according to the pulse from the astable multi-vibrator. The MOSFET's should be connected to a heat sink.

The transformer is one of the main components which is a normal step down center tapped transformer which is easily available in the market. The transformer is connected in the reverse manner or inverted manner to give a output of 240volt. if the voltage rating in your country is 110v then i recommend using a transformer with the rating 110v to 12-0-12 volt.

The output of this inverter is around 60 watts. The output depends on the voltage & current rating of your battery.

Warning - Please be careful while making this circuit

To watch the test results please watch the video attached in the first step or CLICK HERE

For other variant of the inverter please CLICK HERE. This inverter is purely based on transistor & MOSFET

Thank You for watching

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    2 years ago

    One more things that determines the output wattage of this circuit, the actual transformer you pick. You can't get more power out then the transformer can handle. Or you will let out that factory packed smoke. Once that smoke comes out, the transformer, or any other electronic part, will not work again... :-)