IC Tester ,Op-Amp,555 Timer Tester

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All Bad or Replacement ICs are lying around but if they mixed with each other, it takes lots of time to identify Bad or Good One, In this Article we learn about How we can make IC tester, Lets Continue.

Step 1: Parts Required & Working

Parts Required

  1. 8pin IC base x 3
  2. 5mm Led Bulbs
  3. 9 volt battery
  4. push button
  5. Project Board
  6. 555 timer IC


When Testing 555, - Place a 555 timer IC in 555 Ic base, If Ic is in perfect condition Led Blinks , If Faulty IC Led Remains of or even ON. Working Of 555 Timer

When Testing Op-Amp- Place working 555 timer in its place, inser an Duel And Single channel Op-Amp in its Place respectively , If Op-amp is fine then leds infront of respected ic start blinking with respect to pulse of 555 timer. Op-Amp are configured in Voltage follower (buffer) Mode to follow rising and falling edge of 555 timer , good Op-Amp can follow But Bad Ones Does't ).

Step 2: Schematic Diagram

As In circuit Diagram Make your Own IC-Tester .

Step 3: All Done

Connect 9v battery And test it.

'Thank You'



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