• Materials for ice cream stick home
  • Make base with ice cream stick

  • Make rooms

  • Make room in upstairs

  • Make of steps to upstairs

  • Make safety handle in first floor

  • Finish the working process

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Step 1: Materials for Ice Cream Stick Home

  • ice cream sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • scale

Step 2: Make Base With Ice Cream Stick

  • Arrange the ice cream first
  • Put hot glue and stick it
  • make it strong by take one stick and put it in down then it will become strong.

Step 3: Make Rooms

  • Take the four equal measurement
  • one side it should be ten sticks
  • make four sides and stick it
  • make it as a room

Step 4: Make Room in Upstair

  • Take the correct measurement as took in first floor
  • make the room as same

Step 5: Make of Steps to Upstairs

  • make one stick and put glue in it
  • make small steps using sticks
  • Like that make two

Step 6: Make Safety Handle in First Floor

  • take two sticks
  • cut the middle
  • make many small crossing
  • make two sets and fix it
  • also i have some expired pasta so i just put as a design

Step 7: Finish the Working Process

  • fix it well and check
  • put the glue in everywhere if required

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    2 years ago

    That would make a cute kids' craft :)