ICase, the Charging Pencil Case That You Will Never Loose!




Introduction: ICase, the Charging Pencil Case That You Will Never Loose!

About: I am a schoolboy who loves most thing t do with building and designing :)

In this instructable (my first) I will show you how to create a clever pencil case of your own, it is simple and easy to make, I decided to make it because of two problems that i have on a regular basis, my phone going flat with no where to charge it and never being able to find my pencil case, to combat this I searched instructables to find ways to charge my phone on the move, i found a great instructable called minty boost that is a clever emergancy device for your gadgets, I thought that was perfect but then realised that I would probably forget to take it to school and then be in the same position I was at the beginning, so I wondered what I always took t school, and decided on my pencil case, I decided to adjust the design of the minty boost project to fit well in a pencil case, but realised that I am always loosing my pencil case and so that put me back at square one,  I then found key finders, that you atach to yoor keyring and when you press a button the beep and light up, with sme adjustment I thought that would be great, a charging pencil case that you can never loose!

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Step 1: Time to Build It

Ok so lets start the build
You will need

A mintyboost kit (you can make on yourself like me but it is not cost effective or as neat)

2X single battery holdershttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-2-3-4-6-8-x-AA-AAA-23A-9V-Battery-Holder-Snap-On-Connector-Enclosed-Box-Switch-/180814661762?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&var=&hash=item2a1964c882

A remote controlled key finder, you can buy whistle ones which are cheaper but I think this is the best I can find

A pencil case of your choice, make sure it will fit a small circuit board and two AA batteries in a line, also it must be easily sewn into, like neoprene fr example

some material that matches your pencil case and a needle and thread that also matches your case

You will also need a soldering iron and some spare wire

Step 2: Put It Together

the first thing you will need to do it sort out the batteries, you need two single cases so that you take up less space in your case.
They need to run in parallel to work with this design so attach the two black wires together and the two red together, make sure your wires are long enough to run i one single file line.

next you need to assemble and alter the kit, firstly do not solder the usb female port onto the circuit board, grab some spare wire and solder those on instead also add wire onto the usb port, this give us more flexibility, there are many guides on how to assemble the kit but I would just look at the original instructable:

once this is done we can prepare our case, make sure you can easily sew into you pencil case (so not metal)
then at a seem cut away a few strands of thread so that you can pop your usb through, then using the small holes in the femal usb sew the usb onto the case.

Step 3: Sewing, and More Sewing

now we need to take the the circuit board and solder the usb wires from earlier on the usb female, then using the screw holes in the pcb sew the circuit onto the inside of the case, I find it is easier if you turn the case inside out, test that the usb and circuit is secure by plugging in a cable, if it just pushes in then you need to sew a bit more. now, with the case still inside out take that piece of spare material and the batteries and sew a little pocket onto the case, completely surround the circuit board and leave and opening for the batteries so that you can change them when they run out of power

Step 4: Never Loose It Again

so now we come onto the never loosing it part, for this there are two ways of doing it, first you can simply use the keyring on it and attach it to the zip, Or you can dismantle the whole this so tha there is the bare minimum in it needs operate and sew it into the case and then cover it with some more material, the remote is in the shape of a credit card so you can put it any where, In mine I used a whistle one, partly because I am broke and can only afford £2.00 and partly because I would probably loose the remote, but they work the same, I just thought the remote would be more effective.

Step 5: So There You Have It

Your done! you can now charge any device that uses a usb and never lose your pencil case again!, thanks for reading!
*more information coming soon on the key fob*

I would just like to say thank you to the inventor of the minty boost.

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    7 Discussions


    6 years ago

    How You Did That O.o

    wow this is cool :)
    would you know if it could charge an iPod touch 4th generation?
    thanks :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks! i would imagine that it does but am not curtain as I do not have an itouch, to test it, i might be able to borrow a friend and give you an update, thank you for the comment

    great update on the minty boost! can you charge an ipod completely off this thing?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    If you use the minty boost then you should get 1 and a half charges off it, i copied this off of his page :)

    iPod video (tested, using alkaline batteries): 3hrs more video (1 full recharge)
    iPod mini (tested w/rechargeables): 25 hours more (1.5 full recharges)
    iPod shuffle (unverified): 60 hours more (5 full recharges) thanks for the comment!