ID Badge Lanyard by LANMANParacord

About: At LANMANParacord we handcraft paracord creations made from 550 (7) strand military specification paracord. All handcrafting is done in the USA. All materials are also made in the USA.

Horizontal or Vertical ID Badge w/ Lanyard

Materials you'll need:
About 4' of paracord
(1) 1/2" plastic buckle
Break away cord release of some kind
An ID badge sleeve

The loop that goes through the plastic sleeve must be about 2" so you can make a cow's hitch.  Form the loop and tie a cobra weave attached to one end of the buckle.  Thanks the hard part.  Now do a cow's hitch on the other side of the buckle leaving enough length to go over the average sized head.  I left about 14".  Slip the open ends through the cord release and burn the ends so it won't slip off the ends.  Snap together the cord release ends and you're done!



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