ID Lace Paper Clips <3

Intro: ID Lace Paper Clips <3


Paper clips (Any color and size will do)

Tape (electrical tape, duct tape) any color [I used electrical tape in this tutorial]

ID case (with or without ID)

Step 1: Assembling Paper Clips.

Connect the paper clips by inserting one to the other.

Measure the length of the ID lace you prefer by pre-testing it on your neck. If you are now satisfied by the length, connect the ID case to the last 2 paper clips of both sides.

Step 2: Secure the Lace

Cut about an inch of the tape and divide into two and put it in the space where the paper clip slips. This is to ensure that the paper clips won't slip whenever you wear it; and also not to ruin any of your clothes for some paper clip have sharp ends. And ta- da! your Paper clip ID lace is ready to use! :)



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