I.D. Lanyard




Introduction: I.D. Lanyard

Made this lanyard quite some time ago to hold my access badge and CAC card for work.

Main section is made from a continuous piece of paracord about 50' long.  It was made using a knitting spool.
The end is a separate piece of paracord that was that was threaded down the center of the main and thing tied around a split ring with the solomon bar.



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    looks nice, but no instructions on how to do it...why is this here if there are no instructions

    Still to late to request a instructable >.< Great looking lanyard!

    I know its been almost a year on this, but I am really interested to know how you made this.

    That is really awesome, it's funny I made a lanyard for my access badge round the same time. But yours looks way better, my lanyard had to have a break away so it looks way different.

    Awesome lanyard. Really interested in how to make this, I could use it to hold my ID/security cards and one for my wallet when I'm riding my motorcycle. Is the whole thing constructed from P-Cord, the brown part looks like leather.

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    Thanks for the comments. I may try to get some instructions up here as soon as I have enough free time to do it right. Going to be in Italy for a few days, may try after I get back.

    In the meantime there are some videos on youtube showing how to used a knitting spool. the spool I used was made from a wooden napkin ring with 3 small nails.

    @spidrboy76 - yes the whole thing is made from paracord. the brown portion is a continuous piece approximately 50' long. Green portion is about 5' long.

    Let me know if anyone else has any questions.