I.F.O. Identifiable Flowering Object

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The I.F.O. or Identifiable Flowering Object is a flowering planter that can be placed almost any where in a yard or garden, where it can be seen and appreciated by anyone and as a plus it can be readily moved as the owner see's fit. It is around 30 inches off the ground so it is at a good height to view for anyone that has difficulty bending over to smell the flowers.

Step 1: The Pieces Needed

The Garden Stake table was bought at my local hardware store on sale at $2 each, regularly $10 each so I bought several, they come in Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange.
A plastic flower pot, the one i used, I had on hand.
Potting soil,
Plants, we had some coleus that hadn't been planted anywhere yet.
A drill and a 3/8 inch drill bit.

Step 2: Preparation and Assembly

Drill a hole in the center of the flower pot bottom.
Place the pot on the stud sticking through the center of the tray.
Thread handle onto stud.

Step 3: Fill and Plant

Fill the pot with potting soil.
Poke holes in the soil  where you want to plant and put in your plants.
Admire and place somewhere in your yard.
I placed ours in amongst some Tiger Lily leaves.



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