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This short guide shows how to use push button on Raspberry to trigger IFTTT event.

1. Raspberry setting

Connect push button to pin ground and other leg to pin 18 (guide)

In the picture raspberry pi with button and WIFI USB Stick. All before packaging

Use the example on the linked page to test

2. Create account on IFTTT.

3. Connect yourself to maker channel and note the API you are given

4. Create recipe when maker is the trigger note the event name

5. Add any even you want to like send mail to.......

6. Make sure you have requests library installed 'sudo pip install requests;

7. Use this Python function to trigger the event from Python on Raspberry when key is pressed

import requests
def email_alert(first, second, third):

report = {}

report["value1"] = first

report["value2"] = second

report["value3"] = third

requests.post("https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/[event name]/with/key/[api key], data=report)

email_alert("AAAA", "BBBBB", "CCCCC")

That is all

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