IGRUN - Daughter of Aetheria. a High Voltage Steampunk Lamp




Introduction: IGRUN - Daughter of Aetheria. a High Voltage Steampunk Lamp

About: Hi, i am a Steampunk Artist from Germany. You have Questions? Write me, check out my Homepage or meet me at Facebook.I look forward to your entries :) https://www.facebook.com/kupferkeller.buerstadt

Hi there,

first-->sorry that i have so long since written here, but private circumstances have not admitted.

Ok. Today, i want to show you my second High Voltage Steampunk Lamp with a Geissler Tube. 5000 Volt´s and 10 ma. Driver is a Tesla Transformator. The Tube is a - German Geissler Glass Tube- Mouth-blown from a good Friend. A Cage is rotating around the Geissler Tube to protect them against Contact.


As the name consist of? What should this Lamp can and from what it should be?

Ok- 1. a Geissler Tube

2- UV Light

3- Moving/Rotating

4- Neon Lights

5 - On / Off/ Ignition

So the Name was born:

I = Ignition / on / off

G = Geissler Tube

R = Rotation

U = Ultraviolett Light

N = Neon Light

Lets start with the the Components

Many Brass divides

Neon Glow Lamps

A tesla Transformator

Power Supply 12 V/2 A

Many Thin Cables

5 Micro on/off Switches

5 Keys of an old typewriter

3 Flashlight Modules from an old Camera ( for the Neon Lamps)

Lion Brass Feets

Poplar Wood

3 Micro Gear Motors

Brass Gears

1 Russian Triode

Brass Tubes 3,4,5,6 mm

5 Banana plugs

Step Down Converters for the Micro Motors

1 Geissler Tube

1 UV-led and Resistor for 12 V ( here 430 ohm )

Some different adhesives

1 Timing Belt

1 Toothed belt wheel

1 Milliampere Measure Instrument

Sulfur Liver, Sulfur Acid and Nitric Acid for Coloring

Pls. Apologies if I've forgotten something of the Components or of Pictures. This Project, i startet in November 2015 and I have not photographed every step. THX ;)

Step 1: The Rotating Holders for the Geissler Tube

Glue the Ball-bearings and the Brass Divides in the Brass Rosette with 2 K Resin.

I know , it is simply said if you have the right parts.

Step 2: The Feet

Sawing of the feet . Here was an old , bulky lamp base made of solid Brass cast excellent. Ask not what it was a hellish work and my lab was covered with brass dust.

Color them with Surfur Liver and Nitric Acid. I made a Coloring Tutorial in another Project.


Step 3: The Measure Instrument

We take an old case of a pressure gauge.

Remove the pressure gauge and replace them with the amperemeter. This device shows later to the power of the Tesla transformer. A small 3mm, orange LED for illumination and a resistor for 12 Volt. Some Brass Ornaments and ready ;)

Step 4: Solder the Frames for Neon Lamps

Now we take small Brass Frames and solder them on a Brass Ring. There are sitting later the small Neon Glow lamps. All Ok ?

Step 5:

Manufacture the keys . Here I had an bestowed , old typewriter to help . Without further ado, the thing cannibalized and serve me the keys . Cut the buttons below the top and stick this in so-called " banana plugs ". 6mm brass tube serves excellently as a guide tube.

Step 6: The High Voltage

I had an old Teslatransformator in my electric box. With various input voltages you can also generate other output voltages.

I have an input of 12 volts and according to the diagram generates the transformer ~ 5000 Volt. Thats what we need ;)

Attention !!!!!!

Rebuilt is at your own Risk!!!!

This transformer can produce up to 15,000 Volts. !!

Electric shock , destroy of hearing aids or pacemakers may be the result !!

Please build something only when they understand something of high-voltage !!!

Step 7: Housing

Now we construct the Housing with Poplar Wood. The shape is pure fantasy

but I think very appropriate . Paint it with Wood color as you like.

An old hand wheel made of steel will be rebuilt and serves later as a controller for the cage speed. Glue ansuitable potentiometer a the end of the Screw. The UV-led is sitting in the Middle. So it can shine to the Uranium Glass Spiral of the Geissler Tube an let it Glow.

Step 8: The Neon Lamps

How to use the camera modules describe a lot of tutorials here .I do not want to explain in detail since it can also be very dangerous .

Please !!!!!!!!

Please be careful when experimenting with these modules.

It can be dangerous for certain people and generates very high currents .

A replica is at your own risk !

One Module operates 3 Neon Lamps connected in Series. The green one is for showing the on/of Mode.

Now we combine all the individual devices to the switches. Install the motors , gears and other Ornaments.

Timing Belt and Toothed belt wheel.

Step 9: The Result

I leave you a little leeway for your own fantasy and you can do a lot if you have fantasy. If you just want !!

Make it !!!!!!! ;)

Your Leander Lavendel

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    Dangerously Explosive

    I always like these projects with the glowing bits and fluorescence... I should stop torturing myself looking at things I know I don't have the tools to build :-) . But still, very well done.


    4 years ago

    Geissler tubes.... I love them! Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing!


    4 years ago



    4 years ago

    This is amazing! Do you have a video of it in action?

    Leander Lavendel
    Leander Lavendel

    Reply 4 years ago

    @ XaviOrin

    Yes, just below the Title image. You don´t see it? Here the YT Link ;)


    Leander Lavendel
    Leander Lavendel

    Reply 4 years ago

    @ XaviOrin

    Yes, just below the Title image. You don´t see it? Here the YT Link ;)



    4 years ago

    Very nice! Love the ingenuity


    4 years ago

    Great job. I especially like the way you used typewriter keys as buttons,