IGoPro Hero 3/3+ 3D Mount for IPhone 4/4S

Introduction: IGoPro Hero 3/3+ 3D Mount for IPhone 4/4S

Do you have a GoPro Hero 3 or 3+? Have you ever wanted to have a simple mount that goes right on your iPhone? Do you have two GoPros and want to capture 3D video without spending $40 on a case? Then this is for you!

We designed a simple mount that allows you to slide together your iPhone 4/4S and GoPros to capture 3D video while previewing with the GoPro app on the iPhone! We designed it to be built without the need of a 3D printer.

What you will need:

About 19x10 cm of styrene

Hobby cement

iPhone 4/4S

Two GoPro Hero 3/3+

Step 1: Setup

We provide a PDF sheet of every piece that is required. Print the template attached, and cut out all of the pieces.

Step 2: Plan

Lay out all of the pieces on your material of choice. We used 2mm Styrene. If you have a different thickness, please make adjustments. Leave room between the parts for your cutting tool, different tools have different blade sizes.

Mark out with a sharpie or other drawing implement the edges of the pieces on the Styrene. Then write the corresponding number from the template on each part you marked out.

Step 3: Cut

Begin cutting out the parts. When you finish a piece, lay it next to the template it was cut from to keep everything sorted. You can also do a little bit of sanding here before continuing.

Step 4: Assembly

Grab the template for piece 10, and line it up with its Styrene piece you cut out to match it. Mark the place where the centerline and the iPhone clips are, as shown on the template. Do not cut these marks out!

Begin assembling the parts where it will clip onto the iPhone and GoPro. Make sure to reference the photos for the correct way to glue them, each photo number references that sub-step.

1: Find both 1s and 2s. Glue each 1 to a corresponding 2. This is the top/bottom of the GoPro mount. The corresponding photo shows which way to offset both top pieces.

2: Find both 3s and 4s. Glue each 3 to a corresponding 4. These are the middle clips of the GoPro mount. The corresponding photo shows which way to offset both top pieces.

3: Find both 5s and 6s. Glue each 5 to a corresponding 6. This clips onto the sides of the iPhone.

4: Glue 7 to 8 (only one of these.) This holds onto the top (or bottom) of the iPhone.

5: Glue the 1 & 2 combinations to 9, on both ends. Piece 9 is the middle plate between the GoPros.

6: Take piece 10, and line up piece 9 along the centerline you marked earlier. Glue it down, along with the attached 1 & 2 combinations.

7: Grab one of your GoPros, and put it where it will go when the mount is done. Mark a line along the edge of the GoPro where a 3 & 4 combination will go. Do this for both positions. Remove your GoPro once you are done marking.

8: Glue down both 3 & 4 parts, where you just marked, put glue wherever it touches another piece.

9: Flip over the main part of the mount. Glue 5 & 6 end-on to piece 10, so that it sits next to the mark.

10: Glue 7 & 8 on the thin section of piece 10, just like 5 & 6.

Step 5: Completion

Sand any rough edges, paint if you wish, and your new iGoPro 3D mount for the iPhone 4/4S is complete! Just slide in your iPhone and GoPros and you are good to go!

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