IJDMTOY Install Toyota Tundra LED Light Bar

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Unlike the Rigid Industries version, our iJDMTOY version of this Toyota Tundra LED Light Bar sits behind the plastic grill. With the Rigid Industries version, you need to cut it off which requires modifying your truck. This is a simple install that will have you enjoying your new and bright LED light bar in no time.

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Step 1:

Remove these 4 screws in the middle and the 2 clips on the outside to be able to remove the grill.

Step 2:

Once removed you will see these 4 nuts in this order. 3 on one side and 1 on the other. Remove the bolt that is by itself.

Step 3:

Grab the metal LED bracket and you’re going to loosely screw it on the bottom hole with the curved edge facing the side of the car.

Step 4:

Put the LED bar in on both sides and secure it tightly with the bolt, then bolt down the bracket into place after that.

Step 5:

This Toyota Tacoma LED Light Bar System is perfect for that clean and slick look. You can see how simple this install was and how there was no modifications needed to install this. Check out truck LED wiring guide for wiring instructions.

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