IJDMTOY Nissan Juke Nismo JDM Rear Fog Light Installation

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Cars in the United States aren't required to have a rear fog light, but it's actually pretty functional and works well in inclement weather. This Nissan Juke Nismo JDM Rear Fog Light is a great upgrade for the 2013-up Nissan Juke Nismo and comes with three functions, including taillight, brake light, and reverse light features. This installation walk through will show you how to install the specially designed LED rear fog light on your Juke Nismo in no time.

Step 1:

Remove the stock rear reflector. There are a two clips under the rear bumper that need to be removed.

Step 2:

Remove the screws holding onto the rear reflector. You'll need a #10 screw.

Step 3:

Pull out the stock rear reflector.

Step 4:

Remove the trunk liner.

Step 5:

Zip-tie the ends of the Nissan Juke LED rear fog light wires so it will be easier to route the wires up later on.

Step 6:

Route the wires of the LED rear fog light up through the gap in the trunk liner.

You can have a friend help you pull the wires up through the trunk liner while you push the wires through simultaneously.

Step 7:

Insert the new Nissan Juke LED rear fog lamp in place.

Step 8:

Bolt back the Nissan Juke LED LED rear fog light to secure.

Step 9:

Remove one taillight. You will need to route and tap the wires to get the new LED rear fog light to work.

You can see the wires routed through the gap in the trunk liner and up into the taillight location.

Step 10:

Strip the wires. We recommend you to hardwire instead of using T-Taps.

You may not have enough space to use T-Taps and they are generally not secure .

Tap the wires of the LED rear fog lights according to the function on the vehicle. Since the vehicle in this installation has aftermarket taillights installed, we figured out which bulb corresponded to which wire on the LED rear fog light.

If you still have your stock taillights, you can follow the wiring instructions that's on the labeling on the LED rear fog light.

Then wrap the wires with some black tape to secure the connections.

Step 11:

Put back the trunk liner and all the components the same way it was removed.

Step 12:

Test to make sure everything works and enjoy your new Nissan Juke Nismo JDM Rear Fog Light!



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