IKEA HACK With Children Spoons




Introduction: IKEA HACK With Children Spoons

My kids were constantly loosing either the spoon or the fork so I ended up with missing utensils.

Here is a hack I came up with using a spoon and a fork from the IKEA children section. This hack will help you put your fork and spoon in one place, Literally :D

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Step 1:

The materials you'll need are:

An IKEA kid fork
An IKEA kid spoon
Dremel tool with
Decoupage attachment
Plastic smoother attachment
dry erase marker
SAFETY GLASSES!!!! the plastic becomes hot and flys everywhere including your face.

Step 2: Making Your Mark.

Here you'll have a chance to determine the length of your spork or foon. Use your dry erase marker to draw a straight line across the area you plan to cut, try to make sure that the spoon and fork match up more or less on the same spot on both. Mark front and back side of both, you'll find it helpful.

Step 3: Cutting

Now here comes the "fun" part, YAY!  Using your decoupage attachment begin cutting on your mark , make sure that if your going to cut from front halfway and then the back side your mark is made on both sides other wise you might have an uneven cut, even if it looks messy like the picture, don't worry the next step will take care of it. 

Step 4: Smoothing the Edges

Here is where the smoothing attachment comes into play. The cutting tool would have left behind some ugly edges and loose plastic, the smoothing tool, I set the Dremel tool speed at 15 only because anything slower would be too slow and anything faster made the hot plastic fly everywhere, will allow you to even out the edge to match each other. As you work constantly place the edges together to make sure you have it as straight as possible. Don't worry if there is a little bit of light colored plastic left , again the next step will help clean it up.

Step 5: Fusing the Two Together

I enjoyed this part because I was getting closer to the finished product. The tricky part was to heat both at the same time evenly, try different angles to see what works best for you. I used the heating tool only because I didn't want those ugly black spots you get from melting with a direct flame.  I found that if I put the heating tool on the little stand it has on the floor and held both in front of the heat at an angle I was able to save my fingers from a second degree burn =l

After about a minute you'll see that the plastic now has a shiny soft looking surface, don't touch it's far from soft and will stick to your finger Ouch!, now is the time to put them together. Press them hard against each other for about 30 seconds and WALLAH!!! you now have your very own spork or foon for a fraction of the price ;) I tried to fold them where they were put together but they wouldn't budge. You now have something that is useful on your hiking or camping trip and it helped you manage your space. Now all you need is your meal, but that I'll leave up to you :)

One thing that I would do to lighten the weight would be to smooth the back side to reduce the thickness. I hope you found this useful.


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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    WHAT is everyone's obsession with IKEA? So many instructables on here that specify IKEA. Is there something about that place that makes the items more special that what you could find any place else?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Probably because she had these already and making a Spork was free. Whereas your method costs money and is not a creative use of existing material.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This was fun to read. I like that the IKEA utensils are so colorful, & your instructable makes them look so festive. I would have less trouble finding these wherever I might put them down compared to their blah counterparts.