IKEA Smart Lighting Hack - Nymåne With Sonoff (WiFi Switch)

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Buy an IKEA NYMÅNE ceiling lamp -> insert a brain (smart WiFi switch) to make it smart.


IKEA Nymåne ($40), Sonoff basic ($5), nylon strip

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Step 1: Insert the Sonoff Basic Between the Wire and the Wire Terminal

Insert a Sonoff basic between the wire and the wire terminal in the lamp. Fasten with a nylon strip. Fits perfectly and is invisible once the front diffuser is mounted.

TASMOTA firmware recommended: https://youtu.be/08_GBROKQH0

Step 2: Enjoy Being Able to Automate and Remote Control Your Lamp

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    Question 2 months ago

    Can you include some more info about the components you used and how they were installed?

    1 answer

    Answer 2 months ago

    Sure. Happy you find it interesting. The only component apart from the lamp itself and the wire is the Sonoff basic WiFi switch (https://banggood.app.link/h87d2LoX3Z). The Sonoff has screw terminals and a clear marking of input and output as well as live wire and neutral wire, so there is really only one way to install it. The Sonoff is fastened to the lamp via a nylon strip. Hope this helps.