6 Unusual Uses for Ikea Pencils




Introduction: 6 Unusual Uses for Ikea Pencils

I'm glad to bring to you my first instructable.

We all "steal" IKEA pencils... we can buy dozen of full-sized pencils for a very little money but... we still steal these pencils. So I think we all love them. At least I do.

Now I show you six ways I use these pencils, in daily life, toolbox or survival kit.

If you use or thought more forms, please,  'able-it. IKA-pencils-lover-arround-the-world will be grateful to you.

Thanks for your time!

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Step 1: Tactil Pen.

Tactical pen is a little harder due it little size, but I'm working on it.

Tactil pen is a lot easier. Just sharpen the end of the pencil, so asymmetric (not want to paint the screen of your phone with graphite, right?) with a rotary tool and remember keep the tip round and smooth, we don't want scratches on our screens.

Rotary tool?  We all love rotary tool. At least I do!

You've already carrying the pencil to write with it, so it now writes on two surfaces for the same price.

Step 2: Heat Shrink Tube Coated IKEA Pencil.

Its a big name for a little thing.

Simply cover the pencil with heat shrink tube. Do it and greatly improve grip and feel. You may use plasti-dip, as you wish.

Did I say I love heat shrink tube?

Sometimes the coating is damaged a bit by the pencil sharpener, but is arranged easily with the fingers or knife.

You can buy it in different colours, so IKEA pencils now come in different flavours!

Step 3: Magnetic Fixing Pencil.

A little neodymiun magnet can be placed on top of the pencil with a little piece of heat shrink tube (or cyano, as you wish).

Last time I say it: I love neodymiun magnets. Doesn't you? I pick this from a broken in-ear headphone.

If you "work corner" has metal shelves, this is the way to have a pencil handy.

Step 4: Bit-sized Pencil.

You can measure one inch for the very tip of the pencil and cut it. Thats the size of standard bits, then you can store that micro-pencil in the bit's array, like one more bit of your screw driver.

Of course this is an emergency and there is no more choices pencil, but... you always will find it in your tool box.

This is a good way to add a pencil in a multitool sheath with bits (I'm thinking in Victorinox Swiss Tool, for example).

I will not say I love Swiss Tool. I promised not to do it, so I will not say it... okay, I did it again. Sorry.

Step 5: Measuring Pencil.

This one is also good for a multitool sheath or an urban survival kit.

Measuring 1/2 cm marks, you can use it like a ruler. It will be bettar than no ruler at all, and you are carrying the pencil anyway, so...

Saw the marks with a dremel cutting disk makes it permanent, browinish and easy to feel if it is needed.

Step 6: Insulated Tape Pencil Dispenser.

This one is intended to survival kits... cover it with (in this case) four sections of ten wraps, arround 75cm of tape.

Step 7: Survival Outdoors Kits.

No pics this time!

The Ikea pencil (any pencil) is not a bad idea in real-outdoor-survival kits because you may need to mark a map, and you can make it matchwood with the knife in order to start fire when no dry matchwood can be found. It is wood, and it should be dry. You can also make a buoy for a hook, for example. You can't do it with a ballpen, can you?

Comment this instructable as you want, and add your own ideas about these usefull little pieces.

Again, thanks for your time!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    i found your instructable in the jewelry contest, did you make jewelry with them?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I mistaked it, checking the contest like a category.
    I don't know how to retire it from the contest.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    These are awesome uses for those miniature pencils! For those of you without the luxury of a local Ikea, these all work for golf pencils, too.

    (May I suggest a title change? 6 Unusual Uses for Ikea Pencils. I'd be honored to have this included in our ongoing series of n Unusual Uses for X.)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Creative ideas how to mod your IKEA pencils. Thanks for sharing. Thats really nice.