IMAX Theater (VR) Headset

Introduction: IMAX Theater (VR) Headset

I have noticed the rise of the Virtual Reality headset this year and have decided to create my own. The goal of my headset is not to be a google cardboard, but rather to be a home made IMAX theater. It's great for watching new movies on Netflix, and other videos. So let's get started!

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Step 1: Supplies Needed

For this project you will need:
•A cardboard box, preferably thick cardboard, like an amazon shipping box

•Duck Tape, any color you want, because this will be what will show on the outside

•Gray Duck Tape, for the inside of the headset, this will give more of a IMAX feel by keeping the box dark

•Foam or soft fabric, to provide more comfort on the head and to keep light out

•Elastic, I used cardboard but elastic is more comfortable

•A 6 to 8 inch tablet to watch the movie on!

And the only tool you will need is scissors.
Let's get building!

Step 2: The Build

First, we need to cut our cardboard. To do so see the diagram photo and cut accordingly. Be sure to only cut the solid lines on the diagram. The dashed lines are lines to fold on. If you have trouble folding the cardboard, take a pocketknife and slightly cut on the fold line. After you fold it, cover the whole thing in the colored Duck Tape. Then cut out the eye and nose holes out in the headset and the foam. Before we Duck Tape the foam to the headset, take a minute to see if you need (or want) to angle the headset. By angle I mean to change the shape of the box's face touching area to better suit your face. Otherwise it's like wearing a box. :) Now you can put the foam on, just be sure to only apply the Duck Tape to the edge of the foam. Last but not least, cut a hole in the top and slide your device in. And now you have a DIY IMAX theater! Enjoy!

Step 3: Extras and Troubleshooting

A few of the things I left out about the VR is that the model can be extended if the short distance hurts your eyes, meaning screen brightness, ect. can hurt your eyes. Other extensions include Bluetooth headphones taped to the VR, and a Bluetooth joystick to control the tablet wirelessly.

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