A Lock That Utilizes a Mechanism Providing Increased Security for Classrooms




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The purpose of this innovation is to provide increased security for classrooms. This lock utilizes a mechanism that will allow for only one authorized person to allow or deny access to a classroom, said authorized person typically being a teacher or administrator. The assembly consists of an electromagnet powered by a motor driver, which is controlled by a micro-controller. The micro-controller's code unlocks the door in the presence of an NFC tag. An adjustable timer allows for a delay in re-locking the door.

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Step 1: Parts List

Step 2: Electronics

1. Mount NFC shield to Arduino

2. Pin 11 to data wire on motor driver

3. 5V pin and GND to respective ports on motor driver

4. Connect 9-volt supply to motor driver.

5. Connect electromagnet leads to motor input on motor driver. (In my case, M1A and M1B)

6. Connect Arduino to a computer and upload the provided code.

Step 3: CODE

The following code will be used to run the IN-STOP electronic closing mechanism.



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