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Introduction: INSTAMORPH Smartphone Speaker Cone and Stand

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This instructable aims to provide quick and easy instructions to make an inexpensive phone stand with a directional cone for your auditory pleasure. Instamorph is a plastic that becomes clear and moldable at  140 degrees, then white and rigid once back  at room temperature.

Step 1: Things You Shall Require...maybe

1. Instamorph moldable plastic  1.5-2oz
2. A rubber or plastic phone case. This instructable uses water and or heat when molding, phones do not like that.
3. A pot of boiling water (3cups)
4. A tube to keep the hole of the cone open during the rolling.
5. A rolling pin to roll plastic into a sheet.
6. Something to get plastic out of the water. i use a bamboo skewer.
5. Bowl of cold water or a freezer.

Step 2: Heat Things Up!

On stove top, bring 3 cups of water to a boil. next pour in the instamorph pellets. Once the pellets have turned clear remove the glob from the water. Tear off 1/4 of the glob drop back into water for now.

Step 3: Let's Roll

Carefully form the glob into a ball, mind the pockets of scalding water.  Use you rolling pin to roll the ball flat. Next working quickly so the plastic is still tacky roll the sheet into a cone. Use your tubing to ensure the narrow end of your cone does not close up. You can curve in the direction of your choosing. once you have in the shape you wish you can. speed setting in cold water or freezer.

Step 4: Molding the Base

Remember the piece we tore off earlier is time to fish it out of the water. Now carefully mold it horizontally  across your phone case in line with the speaker hole. Mold it just far enough around the edge of the case that tension holds it in place once cooled. Then use a narrow tool to push the plastic up into a cone through the speaker hole. Finally cut the tip off of the cone.

Step 5: Connecting the Cone and the Base

Now that your cone is constructed and your base has been molded and set it is time to connect them. Start by dipping the narrow  end of the cone and the cone one the base into the water. Once they are both clear join them together, again use your tubing to keep the cone from closing. I was not sure if my connection was robust enough so i reinforced it with some scrap pieces.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I ordered mine off of It cost about $12.00 for the 6.oz container. The best part is if you mess up or no longer need the item you made just drop back into boiling water and start over.