INSTANT Instructables Grammar Correction

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English is my second language. My spelling errors would make my Instructables an unpleasant experience.

Before I had to wait view days and get back to it and correct them another day when I was refreshed.

Just by pure accident, I discovered that my spelling and grammar are instantly checked with the app Grammarly when writing a new Instructable.

Originally I intended to correct my grammar in emails and Word documents.

Step 1: Grammarly Instantly Picks Up Errors

Grammarly is free and helps anyone to make a quality write-up.

I do not have a habit of endorsing products.

I do not get paid to say this or make this Instructable but love to share my know-how.

I had considered engaging a proofreader, they do not come cheap as they make a living out of it.

Now I even think that they simply use this product as well as it works in a word document and in all forms that are written in Google Chrome including Gmail, web forms, Teleprompter and so on.

I now use OpenOffice, but unfortunately, that is the only application where this does not work.

Also cutting and pasting your documents back and forth to check the spelling is no longer necessary.

Step 2: Become an Instant Editor

Good writing, of course, needs practice but a program like this speeds up your learning time dramatically.

  • Download and open Google Chrome.
  • Log in to Google Chrome.
  • In the far upper right corner where the 3 dots are click and open settings.
  • Now you have a choice to click the " Extensions" directly in the top left.
  • OR in Appearance tick the Always show bookmark bar.
  • On the left of the bookmark bar are the extensions you can click to add new extensions.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Get more extensions"
  • Type in the name Grammarly and click ok.
  • Add to chrome.(today 11/02/2017 it has 15957 downloads)
  • Create account.

Or go directly to the website.

Welcome to Grammarly.



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    2 years ago

    I can think of no better grounding in the expression of coherent thought than the guidelines published by Strunk & White:

    This will immensely help anyone, domestic or foreign, to organize thoughts and express them in a clear and unambiguous fashion, truly the Dicta Boelcke of the written word. ☺

    Software like Grammarly also help to form a complete system of effective communication and are a very good tool too.