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Say hello to this little guy!!! Well, he is mainly made up of a motor(from a printer), two small motors, insulated wires, his head is made up from the reader head of a damaged disk-drive, and his pointy ears are the ends of a LED. His skin is made from yellow-insulating tape. Despite his huge stomach, he looks very cute! I've named him I-1.

Things I've used to build him:

1. A printer motor from my old useless printer

2. Two damaged motors

3. The reader head of a disk drive

4. Iron wires

5. LED

6. Rubber-shock absorbers from disk drive-components

7. White color-insulated wire for his fingers

Step 1: Building His Body and Legs

I have made his stomach from this printer-motor and his legs from the motor-shafts. I have used metal wires to attach his legs with the printer motor.

Step 2: Making His Head

I have used the lens-body on the reader head of the disk-drive. Then I have attached a LED with glue behind the lens. The LED-wires are stretched out to make the Instructable-BOT ears!

Step 3: Making His Hand:

Well, I have used white color-insulated wires for making his fingers. For his hand, I have used the outer extensions of the printer-motors.

Step 4: Making His Wheels:

I have used the shock absorbers of this metallic frame from a disk-drive to make his wheels. You can make his wheels using any small circular structure.

Step 5: Giving Him His Yellow Skin

I have used yellow-insulating tape for this purpose. Carefully cut insulating tape in any shape as you wish and start covering him up.

Give it a little finishing touch as you wish and you are done!



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