In this tutorial i will show you how to send data from Intel Edison(or Arduino) to the Thingspeak Channel and how to retrieve that data using an android app.

And finally if that data falls between certain limits we will trigger an alarm. So i have divided this instructables into three parts

1) How to make a Thingspeak Channel.

2) How to install the App and how does it work

3) Finally the complete project including the code

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Step 1: How to Make a Thinspeak Channel

So lets get started.

First of all you must have a Thingspeak channel...! What is Thingspeak? It is just the internet data base from where we can upload and download the data. And making a channel at Thingspeak is very easy.

You can see the video above to see how to make a Thingspeak Channel

Step 2: The App. How It Works and How to Install It.

See the video to see what the app. does and how to install it.

Or just click the link to install this free app.

Step 3: Finally the Complete Working With Code

Now finally see how the complete project actually works .

If there is anything that you want to ask please leave the comment.

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    2 years ago

    can i get the code bro


    4 years ago

    Impressive work.....