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Every Company need to issue a sales Invoice or bill to customers for their sales. It will help to company to identify their daily and monthly sales and inventory issues easily. These details need to prepare the company accounts.

Some company use their Accounting package to issue an invoice and some company have a separate invoicing control system to issue a invoices. It is better to keep separate invoicing system and it will double check the company sales and Inventory and separate database will help to analyses past sales with difference required details such as sales persons, customers, and items.

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Step 1: Create Main Tables and Forms

Create Main Tables and forms

1. create following tables:

Step 2: Print Invoice

To print the invoice need to create two report according to the photo

first create the sub report for invoice data drag form invoice table ...

2nd final invoice..

After create both forms invoice will appear like this...

Step 3: Final Invoice

according to this way you can add some table to get the stock details and purchases also.

I have already created a full Invoice and inventory control system to give to world free.....

Anyone can Request it form my Website my site ..




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