IOT Enable NFC Shopping


Introduction: IOT Enable NFC Shopping

We are participating in TI India Innovation challenge 2015,as a part of that we made this project.Soon i will write a neat instructables on this .Please watch this video and comment below ,if you have any quires .Thank you

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    Hello, your project is very similar to a project on Access Control that I am trying to do. I have two questions. I would like to know how you built the database/dashboard and is it possible to customize the dashboard/database to our personal needs? Also... Are you using the HOST as a web server (leaning that your database is actually stored in your HOST) or are you using third party servers and using the HOST only for control and backup?

    I would really appreciate a response ! Thank you in advance man. Your project is cool !

    2 replies

    i have used the as a host server to maintain the database and used its api to handle the database. you can use any third party cloud services .

    Thank you, i assume when you say cloud services you also mean any third party host servers whether virtual or physical?

    Also, can I ask what was the function of the MSP430G2553 in this project?

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    the NFC reader which i have used in this project has only libraries available for msp430 not for cc3200 module .so i have linked the msp430 with the nfc reader and what ever the data that msp430 get from nfc reader will sent to the cc3200 by the serial connection.let me know if this doesn't clarify your doubt..

    > Soon i will write a neat instructables

    Where is the instructable?