IOT Ethernet Testing Board

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If you are like me you might have ideas that you would like to change easily or not want to deal with taking something all the way apart to get a part or board out. Also don't make enough to have tons of extras so I am a scavenger of electronic parts and components. This also gives you the ability to run 8 different wires using low voltage and signal across cat5e.

Step 1: What You Need and How To.


1.)Electronic Circuit Test Board Breadboard 82mm x 55mm x 8mm

2.)Project Box 66mm x 90mm

3.)Cat5e cable

4.)Cat5E Punch Down Jack

5.) Hot Glue gun

6.) Double sided tape

How To

-Take the project box and stick test board to the top with the double sided tape.

-Cut a short length of cat 5 or wire to use to plug 8 connections into board. you want it to loops out of the box and reach all the points of the testing board without straining the cable or pulling itself out.

-punch wires according to the punch down jack directions. Now strip 1 inch or so of the outer coating off the 8 wires on opposite end so the individual wires make a connection when placed in chosen holes.

-Unscrew the box and hot glue the punch down jack into box and put back together.



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