IPAD Under Cabinet Holder



This holder is made from a local apple tree, in an attempt to save some space on counter top.


Step 1: Cut Log

Cut log to the size that makes you happy

Step 2: Polish

Polish part all around

Step 3: Mounting Hardware

Mounting hardware comes in the form of brass rod about 1/4 thick and earth magnets recovered from electronics.
The rod is crimped to a metal plate and then magnet is glued to plate with gorilla glue (still holds),
Another magnet and metal plate are screwed under the cabinet
Brass rod is bent into hooks and used to hold ipad to the face of the holder with springs attached on the back side, spring come from old pens that dont work they had to be stretched to larger diameter to loosely fit brass rod, to secure springs in place holes are drilled and ends of springs are fed through.
The back of the holder is drilled through for the holding rod and secured with a spring clamp

Step 4: And That How It Looks Now



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