Today will be making an iPhone case but not only a case but one that has a similar build to brass knuckles

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Step 1: The First Step

1.So what you do is start by getting the measurements of an iPhone.
2. Then you make the out side of the iPhone case.
3. Then you make the knuckles how you want and to fit your fingers.
4. Then you use Extrude boss/base.
5. Make sure you don't Extrude the knuckles part

Step 2: Second Step

1. You going to extrude boss/base the knuckles to go half way through the phone case.
2. Then you will draw out the circle on the knuckle part to fit your size.
3. Then you will extrude cut them out .and then you have your knuckles.

Step 3: Third Step

                                                   In the third step we do the rest of the peace.

1. You have to have an iPhone in hand so you can get the measure for the buttons on the sides and on the bottom of the phone.
2. First you get the measure of the phone buttons and the you draw the buttons on the case and you don't have to do it my way.
3  Then you can color whatever you want it to be.
4.  You have a brace knuckles phone case.

Step 4:

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    What app are you using for this