IPad Air 2 As 2nd Screen Holder for MacBook Air




Introduction: IPad Air 2 As 2nd Screen Holder for MacBook Air

Sidecar ipad mount and Mountie both cost $25

You can diy your ipad mount for just $2
I only tested it with iPad Air and MacBook Air and the thickness of both screens are just nice for this project.
Please do try if you have other versions or devices.

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Step 1: Buy This Type of Cord Holder for $2

You can get from any brand. Mine is command brand by 3M

Step 2:

Step 3: 1 Is Fine But 2 Will Be More Stable

Since it comes in 4. I am able to make 2 sets.
Put them on your ipad in this manner.

Step 4: You Just Saved $20++

Here you go. You can find a way to stick both mount together so you won't lose then.

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