IPad Mini Candy Case

Introduction: IPad Mini Candy Case

Hey guys today I'm showing you this really cool case called: candy case, follow the steps for the recipes:3

Step 1: Items

All you need is
? big yellow tape from the Hardware store
? broken off iPad mini case like the one on the intro
?a transparent scotch from the hardware store
?4 candy's from Tiffany

Step 2: Yscoth Wrap Pro

Wrap the yellow scotch all over the back of the broken iPad case, don't cover the hole or the camera.

Step 3: Candy Silly

Take 2 candy's and wrap 2 layers of transparent scotch over the case while the candy's are laying on it.

Step 4: Finish

Take and unwrap the leftover candy's and like the same take 2 layers of transparent scotch and work your way up.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Can you please make a video demonstrating some of the more complicated steps? I want to make sure that the candy gets taped on correctly


    4 years ago

    wow this is great, is it ok to use yellow tape instead of the clear tape?

    what happens if you accidentally eat one of the candies?