IPad Stand

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This is a one hour task using a bit of leftover hardwood skirting. This was 18" by 6" by 5/8" thick. Firstly, I cut off the architrave leaving a board 4-1/4" wide. I then cut it to length of 9" long and two bits at 4" by 4-1/4". For the base I chamfered all edges and cut a 1/2" grove 3/8" in from the front edge. You need the full 1/2" as the iPad is leaning back. Using the two small cuttings I taped them together one on the other using scotch tape, this is a good lubricant while cutting. I then drew a cat with an upright tail and stuck that on top. I use the " drew" loosely. After cutting the shape on the fretsaw I used a penknife to give some rough details. After fixing the cats to the base with ca glue I trimmed the tails to give the best angle for viewing the screen. There is no sealant on the mahogany as it's indoors only. The cats was my choice as we have cats but they can be anything you desire. So, a bit of scrap wood, a bit of time and a bit of fun.

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