IPhone 5 Charging Station Plus Passive Speakers

"Wow I wish I had a place that I can charge my iPhone at and that passively amplifies my music at the same time." If you have ever said that, which you probably haven't, then your in luck. Well, now that you know what it does, lets see how's it done.

I designed this project and decided to print it as one of my first projects (probably a bad idea considering this project took 10 hours). Surprisingly everything worked out fine, it is able to hold my iPhone with my Gadgeo case on and is built like a brick so no chance of it breaking. This phone station not only increased the sound by 10 dB, but also made a nice place to charge my phone at.

Step 1: Printing

The file is in a ZIP file on the bottom of the page. I use a FlashForge creator replica by Monoprice for printing. I'm sure there are better printing settings for it but I am still a beginner. Here are My printing settings.

Extruder temp: 210C
Layer height: 1mm
Infill: 20%
Number of shells: 5
Print speed: 90mm/s
Travel speed: 120mm/s
Total time: 10 hours and 31 min

I started it in the morning and checked on it throughout the day. I have to run my Extruder hot to get good prints with HatchBox pla filament.

Step 2: After Printing

Because I had a raft on mine I had to spend a little time getting it off. I used a wood chisel to remove most of it then cleaned it up with sandpaper. I didn't use any support material and it doesn't appear any the worse for it.

Step 3: All Done

Now it's all done!

congrats on your new phone station. I have not done this, but you can probably glue the phone cord in place so it connects just by placing the phone in the stand.

please vote for me in the 3D printing contest.

Have fun and enjoy your new speaker/charging station.



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