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Hello folks,

Let me show you how I replaced my iPhone 6 battery. After about a year of use, the phone didn't last long at all. I use my phone for work and I'm depending on good battery life. I bought the highest rated iPhone 6 battery kit from Amazon (iPhone 6 battery kit) for $30 and it worked out great! This kit was just slightly more expensive than others but based on the company's previous batteries who all had great reviews I decided to go with this. Now my phone lasts about a day and a half with heavy usage. The batteries are also sold on their site: www.scandi.tech

You will need the following tools (all of these are included in the kit):

- Phillips PH00 screwdriver (for internal screws)
- Pentalobe screwdriver (for the two bottom screws)
- Tweezers
- Suction cup
- Plastic opening tool (also called spudger)
- Battery (an iPhone 6 battery does NOT fit 6+ or 6S, or vice versa)
- Battery adhesive (regular tape can be used as substitute)

Before I begin I want to say that almost all screws inside the iPhone 6 are of different lengths. It's extremely important that each screw is put back into its correct place. If you mix up screws, it's better to proceed with the battery replacement without them. If you put the wrong screw in the wrong hole, it can damage the phone's logic board! On Step 3 I show how I organized my screws. If you keep track of the screws, the changing the battery should not be a very difficult project.

Step 1: Step 1 - Opening Up the IPhone 6

Step 1: Turn off your iPhone 6 and unscrew the two pentalobe bottom screws next to the charging port.
Separate the screen from the back housing. Begin by pulling the screen carefully up with the suction cup. Once there's a tiny hole between the front and the back, stick in the plastic tool. Move the plastic tool along the side of the phone to fully separate the front assembly. Lift the front assembly to a 90 degree angle. Beware of the four cables connecting the front to the logic board in the top right corner of the phone, do not lift the front assembly more than 90 degrees or these cables could tear! Hold the front assembly with one hand while moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Step 2 - Disconnecting the Battery

Step 2: Unscrew the metal plate on top of the battery connector and remove the metal plate with you fingers or the tweezers.
Disconnect the battery's connector underneath the plate with a plastic tool. The connector will come loose easily with very little force.

Step 3: Step 3 - Removing the Front Assembly (& Organizing the Screws)

Step 3: I removed the front assembly from the phone completely. You can proceed without removing the front assembly but once again, the cables can tear if the front is not held carefully. If the cables tear, a new front assembly costs around $100. To remove the front assembly unscrew the five screws holding the top metal plate and put the screws and the plate aside.
Disconnect the LCD, touch, front camera/sensor and home button connectors with a plastic tool, just like you disconnected the battery connector in the previous step.

Step 4: Step 4 - Removing the Battery

Step 4: There are a few ways to proceed with the battery removal. The battery is held in place with two strips of STRONG adhesive. These adhesive strips can be pulled out from underneath the phone. If they tear, the battery will have to be pried/levered out (see 1st and 5th picture) from the LEFT side of the phone (NOT against the logic board). You can heat the back side of the phone with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive, the battery will come out easier this way.

I levered the battery's left corner upwards and pulled the adhesive out along the battery's left side. Doing it this way will reduce the risk of the adhesive tearing. You can also pull the adhesive straight down, towards the charging port, but like I said, it tears easier that way. Once the adhesive is out, the battery can be removed with your fingers.

Step 5: Step 5 - Connect the Front Assembly and the Battery

Step 5: Put new adhesive in place and put the battery on top of it. If your battery did not come with adhesive, regular tape is fine. Take a piece of tape and make a loop out of it with the sticky side out. Put the loop of tape in the same place where the old adhesive was and press the battery down with your fingers.

Reconnect the front assembly if you disconnected it previously. Beware of the small connectors. They are fragile and can be damaged if they are not handled with care. Align the connectors and press them down with your index finger to attach them to the logic board. This can be quite tricky so take your time. If the LCD or the touch screen don't work properly after the battery replacement, it could be due to the connectors not snapping into place. If that's the case, go back to this step, disconnect and then re-connect these connectors. Screw fasten the metal plate on top of the connectors. Make sure you put the screws in their respective place.

Connect the battery's connector by pressing it down with your index finger and screw the metal plate fasten. At this point you could try to turn on the phone to make sure everything works normally. If something is not right, you can easily make adjustments without having to open up your phone again.

Step 6: Step 6 - Put the Front Assembly Back in Place

Step 6: Lower the front assembly to the back assembly. Make sure the top of the front is adjacent to the top of the back assembly. Press the two assemblies together with your fingers.

Screw the bottom screws fasten.
After a battery replacement, the phone's time and date is rolled back to default. You will need to sync your phone with a wifi-network to automatically adjust the time and date before it finds reception, otherwise it will just say "Searching..." in the top left corner of the screen.

Hope you managed to change your iPhone 6 battery without any hickups! If you met any problems, feel free to send me a message and I'll try to answer as soon as I can.



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    13 Discussions


    Question 7 months ago

    I'm having trouble locating the exact kit. Do you have a current recommendation?

    1 answer

    Answer 4 weeks ago

    Hey Raymon!
    Sorry for the late reply. I've been away from this site a while. Yea, I noticed the links didn't work. I believe Amazon was rolling out new guidelines for batteries as almost all iPhone batteries are removed from Amazon at some point.
    You can get the batteries directly from there site as well: www.scandi.tech

    Good luck to you all! Save some money and give the finger to Apple :-).


    1 year ago

    Got through it just fine! I do have one tiny screw left over from the top metal plate. I think I stripped it. But I was very grateful to see you posted that they are not all that important. Also, thank you for helping us with this. So extremely mad at Apple for throttling these phones with their updates. This saved me money and aggravation. My two trips to the Apple store just resulted in me swearing never to buy their products again. Now my phone works again and I could not be happier! Thank you so much!

    Mohd HaaziqM

    1 year ago

    The adhesive tape that holds the original battery is extremely strong! It is very crucial to soften the adhesive before removing the battery.

    Also make sure that your battery is flat, before removing them. You might as well damaging the battery when attempting removal of the battery (even after heating up the back cover to soften the super STRONG adhesive). I almost blow up the battery in my attempt. I got impatient and force wedge the battery and ended up damaging it, resulting in sparks and smokes!


    1 year ago

    I'd like to add a little mention of the fact that without softening up the adhesive, you risk damaging the battery.

    The battery flexes a lot more than I'm comfortable with and I was only trying to clear out any water that may have gotten under the battery, not replace it.

    Instead of removing it, I just gave it a super dose of Industrial Strength Ultra Duster (compressed air in a spray can), under every edge of the battery until no more water droplets would come out anywhere.

    Also, don't assume getting a screw near your magnet will automatically save you from having to actually place it manually on the magnet. I tried it with the battery connector cover plate and screw and the screw just disappeared. These tiny screws are so small that even sweeping or vacuuming the floor and sifting through the dust, you're bound to overlook them, so be really observant and make every movement slow, careful and deliberate when handling the screws or working anywhere near them.

    Hopefully it works after I've reassembled it without the missing screw.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    What to do after replacing the battery? My iPhone 6's still draining even on standby. Its ios version is 10.2.1 I already reset it before replacing and I backup little photos and app. However, the performance is still great.


    1 year ago

    What to do after replacing the battery? My iPhone 6's still draining even on standby. Its ios version is 10.2.1 I already reset it before replacing and I backup little photos and app. However, the performance is still great.


    2 years ago

    is it possible to add a wireless charging feature within the housing?


    2 years ago

    my phone looks lie it pregnant, the lipo is swelling. I ordered the kit you Reccomended and will be switching out the battery thanks to you.


    2 years ago

    WOW !!!
    really helpful

    Jack Rodgers

    2 years ago

    Don't forget to backup the iPhone before removing the battery.

    Also if you have an issue with battery life on a new Apple product, contact Apple Care to see if there is a known problem with the battery and Apple might replace it for free.

    Also cellular connections if constantly on will drain a battery faster than if it is turned off. Apple also does a lot of dialing home and auto updates so you can save battery life by turning off some of these options. GPS, mapping, email, keyboards, auto backup...


    2 years ago

    nice! really helped... i can actually understand it now, the yt vids are confusing.


    3 years ago

    Great job documententing your steps!