IPhone 6 to 5 Otter Box Clip Conversion

Like many other Americans, I am one of the poor smucks still holding onto an iPhone 5 (First World problems). My Otterbox clip recently snapped and I haven't had the chance to pick up a new one.

Fortunately, my wife, the more tech savvy of us, just got a new case which came with an iPhone 6 Otterbox clip.

So, it became life hack time. Since I specialize in wood sticks, I knew right away what to do! Hope this Instructable helps you too.

Materials needed:
Wood sticks (x4)
Glue (I think Super Glue and Tacky Glue are the best for this)
iPhone 6 Otterbox case

Step 1: Super Glue on First Stick

Use a small amount of Super Glue on each end of the wood stick. Press the stick into the base of the clip and hold firmly for at least a minute. Can use additional Super Glue to further strengthen the hold.

Step 2: Glue on Additional Sticks

Use Tacky Glue and press on the three remaining wood sticks. Make sure all the glue is dry before trying out your phone in the clip.

Step 3: Blacken Wood Sticks

To blend in the wood stick modification to your clip, blacken the sticks with a Sharpie. Again, make sure it is dry before clipping in your phone. Then, clip in and enjoy!



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