IPhone 6s Timelapse Tripod

This tripod is meant to be used for creating 360 degree time lapses, but is better used for making panning, normal-speed video shots.


Littlebits- DC Motor, Power input, Pulse. LED light, CloudBit

Three wooden dowels: 3ft/ 1.5in/ 0.3in

Wooden cube for platform: 3.5 inches^3

Access to a 3-D Printer

Duct tape

Step 1: Building Tripod

-Take wooden cube, cut out three holes that are the general shape and size of the three wooden planks.

-Insert wooden planks into the holes.

-Use ball or any sphere to push wooden planks outward.

-Using the ball to keep the planks at an angle, use industrial glue to glue planks to cube.

-After it is finished, spray paint the tripod. (OPTIONAL)

Step 2: 3-D Printing

- Design an adapter to house your desired devices. The example we used is a design for the iPhone 6s.

- Next, you must design a device to hold the little bits so they are secure.

- 3-D print adapter and little bits holder

Step 3: Constructing Tripod (Putting Everything Together)

- First, seat the little bits inside of the boat you 3-D printed. This can either be taped on with duct tape or glued onto the top portion of the tripod.

- Next, use the small lego pieces to attach to the axel of the motor. This will allow easier attachment of the phone adapter.

Step 4: ENJOY



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    Great camera rig. Do you have any examples of time lapse shots that you have made.