IPhone Selfie Beauty Lamp or Ring Light / IPhone自拍美容燈/環形光- We Love INSTRUCTABLES!



Introduction: IPhone Selfie Beauty Lamp or Ring Light / IPhone自拍美容燈/環形光- We Love INSTRUCTABLES!

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Here it is! - The home made phone selfie light - just what all you girls need to take the best selfie pictures!

I personally use it for making my YouTube movies better quality... But trust me, this is AWESOME!

The full build video can be found here... Howard Taylor iPhone Selfie Ring Lamp.

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在這裡! 自製手機自拍燈 - 這是所有女孩要拍最好的自拍照片所需要的!


在這裡可以找到完整的製造過程視頻......Howard Taylor 的iPhone自拍環形燈

不要忘記訂閱我的YouTube頻道,同樣地,請在這裡按讚,Instructables是一個很棒的地方,為了有趣的企劃,可在這獲得很棒的構想! - Instructables小組做的好!

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Step 1: Circuit Diagram and Parts 電路圖和零件

You need LED tape, a switch, wire and batteries. The circuit diagram pictured shows how simple this all is!

The video below is a complete and detailed guide on how to make this project. This can also be found on YouTube search for "howard taylor iPhone selfie light" or click the link below and subscribe.

您需要LED膠帶,一個開關器,電線和電池。 如電路圖所示,這一切是多麼的簡單!

下面是引導您如何製作這個品項的完整詳細視頻。 你也可以在YouTube上搜索 “Howard Taylor iPhone selfie light”或點擊下面的連結並訂閱。

Step 2: Cut Wood and Glue Clips in Place 切割木板和將夾板黏於手機放置處

Cut an appropriate piece of ply wood to size and jigsaw an iPhone sized hole in the middle. Using wood glue, glue the clips in place for the iPhone to rest in.

切割一個合適的夾板尺寸,並在中間切割一個iPhone大小的孔。 使用木膠,將夾板黏於IPhone放置處。

Step 3: Stick Down the LED Tape 貼上LED膠帶

Put a thin layer of wood glue on the surface of the plywood and let it dry. This makes a good surface for the LED tape to adhere to. Then stick down the LEDs.

在夾板表面塗上一層薄薄的木工膠,等它乾燥。 這使得LED膠帶易於黏附於夾板上。 然後粘上LED。

Step 4: Wire Up and Quick Test and Check 接線、快速測試和確認

Using the circuit diagram, wire up the LEDs to a 12v battery to test functionality. Current drawn is about 400mA, which means if you use lithium ion batteries like I did, you should get 3 or 4 hours of light from this.


Step 5: Check Wiring and Fit Batteries 確認電線和安裝電池

Check your wiring, fit the batteries and switch with hot glue and secure/route cables appropriately.


Step 6: Test the Results  測試結果

Fit the final swing clip to hold the phone in place and test your lovely new light! It's great for macro work, videos and particularly good at selfies leaving a lovely square of light in people's eyeballs. A professional look!

I'm using this for my YouTube channel videos. Expect the quality of my movies to get better!

I have recently fitted a handle and a tripod mount. Check out the pictures!

Howard Taylor on YouTube... rate comment SUBSCRIBE!


我使用它來拍攝在我的YouTube視頻。 期待我的視頻有更好的品質!

我最近安裝了手柄和三腳架。 請見照片!

Howard Taylor在YouTube頻道上......請評論和訂閱!

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