IPhone Ringtones DIY in Windows




Introduction: IPhone Ringtones DIY in Windows

Ever wondered how to quickly make your own ringtones for the new Iphone4 IOS in windows:
Heres what you'll need

1) Audacity 1.3 Beta  (can convert any audio file type to any other audio file type...neat little FREE app)


and 3 plug-ins:           

LADSPA plug-ins 0.4.15 installer (.exe file, 1.5 MB) - over 90 plug-ins.
LAME MP3 encoder
- Allows Audacity to export MP3 files.
FFmpeg import/export library
- Allows Audacity to import and export many additional audio formats such as AC3, AMR(NB), M4A and WMA, and to import audio from video files.

2) Any .mp3 song of your choice.

3) ITtunes and IPhone

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Step 1: Things to Do Before We Start

Download & Install Audacity with all required plug-ins and any additional add-ons you want. Install all add-ins into the Audacity folder.

Create a folder called Ringtones under your root directory or External drive. (Which ever you choose)

Navigate to the folder options ----- and select VIEW whilst in the Windows explorer window. (Organise.....Folder and search option...VIEW.... under vista & win 7)
UN-tick the HIDE FILE EXTENSIONS OF KNOWN FILE TYPES box.......Apply.......OK ......close all boxes and windows....

Step 2: Making of the Ringtone.

Navigate to the mp3 you want as your Ringtone:
Right click and open with Audacity
                            *Depending on your PC/Laptop specs, this may take a few seconds:
Now.... Highlight about 20 -- 30 seconds of the song you want as your ringtone. The new IOS on the Iphone only recognises ringtones no longer than 30 seconds.

Once selection is highlighted go to File:-------and select Export selection
Select your Ringtone folder as the Save location.
Enter a file name for your ringtone (preferably the name of the song)
Save as type M4A (AAC) and enter.......

After export complete close Audacity and don't save any changes....

Step 3: Finishing the Ringtone.

Navigate to the Ringtones folder and find your .M4A file.....

Right click on this file and rename
Only the file name and not the extension is highlighted.....Using your curser navigate to the extention and retype the .m4a to .m4r extention......enter and ignore all warnings

Close all folders/windows and open ITunes......Do not connect your IPhone just yet....

Step 4: Loading Ringtone Into ITunes

In ITunes

Navigate to File --> Add folder to library

Select your ringtone folder and ADD

You will see a new RINGTONES folder appear under your library

Connect your device and sync required folder

Eject your device

In the future if you make any new ringotnes just Add the file to the library not the folder................

Step 5: Hey Presto Your Done!

Now on your device

go to
Settings --------Sounds --------Ringtones and select your newly created ringtone

Repeat these steps for more ringones or do a batch of ringtones before loading to your IPhone

Enjoy :-)

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    ...I did something like this previously to make custom ringtones for an iPhone 3gs, but for some reason I could not transfer the ringtones to the iPhone 5 that I just 'inherited', so I just 'bit the bullet' and started over with this method. I see all manner of instructions for creating ringtones using the more recent versions of iTunes (which, quite honestly, I haven't tried), but I prefer this method (using Audacity) because you can actually 'see' the audio, find and highlight the section you want to use, then Copy and Paste it into a new Audacity window and work on it, and finally export your work as .m4a into a folder and close up. I don't know if iTunes lets you actually 'see' the audio like Audacity does, so I imagine you would have to do a lot of guessing at the start and stop times for your audio clip...this method might be more work, but the results are very good...


    Reply 4 years ago

    itunes is a good but complicated software piece. Iprefer this method and like you said, you can choose excaclty what piece of music you want. I always get compliment on my ringtones.