IPod FlashDrive

Introduction: IPod FlashDrive

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Step 1: Finding an IPod!

Caution! I am not responsible for any damage that is cause from this. Building this project WILL void the warranty! Look around your house for an iPod.

Step 2: Tools

I used a screwdriver variable sizes, scissors/knife, and pliers. Be careful

Step 3: Gutting the IPod

Take off the top and bottom white parts. Sorry there is no pictures. Unscrew the top and bottom screws. Push the inside our through the TOP!

Step 4: FlashDrive

Take apart and gut the FlashDrive. Insert the FlashDrive into the iPod and Hot glue in place. I screwed the metal plate back on the top and bottom.

Step 5: Finishing Glue

Insert it the FlashDrive in and hot glue in place. Plug it in and see how it works!

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