Universal K'NEX Dock/stand for Any Ipod.




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I made a Ipod stand earlier and it didn't fare so well. Then i realized you couldn't dock with it! This one the bottom is totally open so you can flick the hold switch, dock you Ipod and plug in your headhones.
This uses a adjustable gripper on the bottom so it works with any mp3 player if it isn't thick. ipod mini will work. It uses 42 pieces.

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Step 1: The Sections.

These are the sections of the stand. I built this with a basic set.

Step 2: The First Part.

Put together the first of 8 legs.

Step 3: The Front Legs

This step adds a support to the front of the stand.

Step 4: The Back Legs and the Backing

This adds support to the back of the stand and a backing
This is the final step so just to tell you this is meant for docking, watching videos and well, keeping your Ipod in sight!

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