IPod Radio Dock Mods

Introduction: IPod Radio Dock Mods

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Hey guys this is my first Instructable. So now that that's outta the way here's what we'll be doing. Ill show you how to mod your radio, well I wouldn't say mod but maybe explore or take stuff out of it for later projects so here it is

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Step 1: Gather Needed Stuff

First you need the iPod dock radio mine happens to be a $50 piece of crap. It's not that the radio don't work it's the iPod connector the stupid thing broke when my radio fell. Also if you consider following my 'ible you are agreeing that I'm not responsible for injury death or broken radios. Please enjoy. Ok so like I said get this radio if you happen to have it and its messed up Get some Phillips head screw drivers and something to out your screws in

Step 2: Take Her Apart

Make sure the radio is unplugged and take the four screws out

Step 3: Onwards!

So if your like me and the iPod charger part of it is broke you can take that eyesore out bye unscrewing three chrome screws and unplugging two cables now it looks better with the stupid broke thing out maybe now you could get some electrical tape and put over the hole.

Step 4: Other Stuff

If you do projects with electronics you could take the speaker out and also if your not into speakers there's a magnet on it that's pretty strong so keep that in mind I'm not sure but that thing with the blue marker on it could be a capacitor and you can shock the crap out of someone so there you go that's how to mod your radio later guys

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    7 years ago

    Hi this is basically the end result. I just needed to screw it back together, and I had no tape at the time. But thank you for viewing this, and sorry for the late response.

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