IR Blaster (LIRC)




the Raspberry Pi is Awesome!

In this Infared Blaster setup we will utilize the TSOP4838 IR Receiver to record IR remote codes in order to play back the commands using an IR LED and a BC547 transistor. Then utilizing python we can create a script to automate the transmission of commands, i.e. turning on a TV set and changing the input source automatically.

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Step 1: Parts

RPI 3 -

4 Amp Power Adapter -

16GB micro SD -

Miny Breadboard -

Resistor Assortment -

LED Assortment -

IR LED kit -

Jumper Cable Assortment -

BC547 Transistors -

TSOP4838 IR Recievers -

Step 2: Setup

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    Cool Pi project. You should enter this into the Microcontroller contest that is currently running.